Combining sport, community service, and faith is an integral part of developing a “Complete Champion”. Using sport as a platform, Spartan teams and athletes have a unique opportunity, both locally and internationally, to share and demonstrate their faith in Christ.  Not only are other lives changed but the Spartan athletes’ personal faith and leadership skills rise to another level.

We want to make sure our guys understand that the bigger picture involves giving back to your community. So whether it’s in Eastern Europe like we did last year or up in Northern B.C., there are a lot of opportunities for us to use the platform that we have because we are a collegiate hockey program.  It’s an important way for us to support local churches in the area and come alongside them and support what they’re already doing.”
– Barret Kropf (Men’s Hockey coach)


2023 Trips

  • Paraguay (April) – Men’s & Women’s Rugby, Women’s Volleyball

2019 Trips

  • Peru (Mar) – Women’s Soccer

2018 Trips

  • South America (Feb) – Men’s & Women’s Soccer
  • Washington & Oregon – Track & Field (Service Trip)
  • Northern BC (Fall) – Women’s Basketball
  • Brazil – Men’s Volleyball
  • Philippines – Men’s Basketball

2017 Trips

  • China (Dec ’16- Jan ’17) – Men’s Hockey
  • Paraguay (Mar) – Men’s  Soccer
  • Benin & Buembu (May) – Women’s Soccer
  • Winnipeg (April/May) – Women’s Basketball (Service Trip)
  • Philippines (Jul) – Men’s Basketball
  • China (Sep) – Women’s Basketball

2016 Trips

  • Paraguay (May) – Women’s  Soccer
  • Tijuana, Mexico (May) – Track & Field/Cross Country
  • Costa Rica (Aug)  – Men’s Basketball

2015 Trips

2014 Trips

  • Paraguay (May) – Women’s Basketball
  • Spain (May) – Men’s Basketball (TBD)
  • Ethiopia (Aug) – Track & Field (TBD)
  • China (Sep) – Men’s Volleyball
  • North BC (Dec) – Men’s Hockey

2013 Trips

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