We Care About Mental Health!

Spartan Foundation has a $250,000 goal to raise funds for a new project – Complete Champion Mental Health & Student Aid Fund. The need for mental health education, support and resources is greater than ever before, and we want to help close the gap. Funds from this project will allow for:

  1. Increased access to TWU Wellness Centre Counselling Services
    The TWU Wellness Centre is a group of mental health professionals and Clinical Counsellors who provide support and counselling services to students, staff and alumni.
  2. Increased coaching and mentoring support
    Spartan athletes trust their coaches and leadership team, and often they become the first point of contact when concerns and personal struggles arise. Team-by-team mental health sessions with the Wellness Centre’s Clinical Team Lead is another part of this approach, and these meetings are already underway.
  3. Increased access to community counselling services
    Students will be able to access registered Clinical Counsellors within their local community, as well as a performance coach for help dealing with mental health issues related to sports performance.

This project launched September 2022, and has already seen an increase in student-athletes who have started seeing the Counsellor or seeking support through the TWU Wellness Centre. Recent surveys show that roughly 50% of the 385 Spartan student-athletes report feeling depressed or anxious, and only 13% have previously sought help.


Men’s Hockey player Aidan Steinke recently shared his story about his struggles with mental health on TWU Spartans YouTube page:


Additionally, Women’s Hockey player Jadeyn Kastning wrote last year for Bell Let’s Talk Day about her journey and how mental health has affected her life:


If you have a heart for mental health, or would like more information on our project, please contact Steve Scholz.

Steve Scholz – Spartan Foundation Executive Director
[email protected]