This program gives you the opportunity to support one of our varsity Spartan teams with 100% of your gift going directly to the team of your choice.  These funds will be used to help teams develop complete champions… to enhance the team experience… and to help the coach with strategic team goals.

Champion-A-Team Registration Form

Ron Pike Scholarship

In honour of Ron Pike for his many years of building the men’s volleyball program, the “Ron Pike Scholarship” has been initiated.  $17,500 per year is currently being designated to this scholarship. Please consider helping us grow this annual scholarship.

Team Sustainability Program

As part of the Champion-A-Team program, the Team Sustainability Program addresses critical support and extra finances needed above the base line funding that TWU provides. In order to sustain the level of excellence that has taken many years to build and develop, there are three components to this program.

  1. Coaching Excellence Fund:  Critical for sustaining a good athletics program is having good leadership and good, talented coaches. In order to retain high quality leaders, it is important to supplement the head and assistant coaches’ salaries. The Fraser Valley’s high cost of living to raise a family can be a real challenge especially with a lower than average salary. Help us sustain a good team by retaining our top coaches.
  2. Scholarships: To continue to be competitive it is essential that we offer additional scholarships in order to get the top “mission-fit” athletes. We also have some student-athletes that are in financial need as they are not getting enough scholarships to cover tuition, so they scramble during the summer to make enough money to cover the difference and to be able to come back. TWU has changed its scholarship offerings over the last year, where there will no longer be any “financial need” based scholarships so some players will now receive less support.
  3. Team Operating Costs: Annually, teams raise money for additional operating dollars to help fund pre-season trips, team-building activities, extra meals, admin help, video work, recruiting costs, and mission trips.
  4. Reserved Savings (long-term investment): We are growing and building this fund with the objective of having a large enough account to use towards scholarships or operating. Only a portion of the interest earned will be used with the remaining interest and principal amount left to continue to grow.

Each restricted contribution designated towards a program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where most needed.