Complete Champions Reception 2021

Thank you to the hundreds who donated, participated, pledged, and prayed for our Complete Champions Reception on November 4, 2023. With your generosity and support we raised $862,000 NET!




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This program invites you, along with the existing Board of Directors, to be part of this exclusive and visionary group of supporters who provide the necessary annual funds to cover it’s operating costs.  We encourage an annual commitment with the goal that Board Champions will be long-term partners and team members helping the Spartan Foundation leave a legacy.

What does it mean to be a “Board Champion”?

  • Board Champions may be called upon from time to time by the Board of Directors for specific advice related to the running of the Spartan Foundation, its direction and activities.
  • Board Champions are given careful consideration as potential Board members.
  • Board Champions are an integral part of the direction, vision, and the sustainability of the Spartan Foundation.