Complete Champions Reception 2021

Thank you to the hundreds who donated, participated, pledged, and prayed for our Complete Champions Reception on November 5, 2021. With your generosity and support we raised a RECORD $850,000 NET!




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Fostering a dynamic environment in which student-athletes can succeed with the help of leading edge training and resources as they persistently advance to the edge of their ability.

Nutrition for Athletes in Isolation- COVID Specific 

While athletes may find themselves in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to still keep nutrition top of mind.   Follow these quick tips to ensure that you’re tailoring your nutrition to best suit your current needs and to maintain the training gains you’ve had all year long, while keeping your health optimized.

KEEP TO A REGULAR EATING SCHEDULE:  This will prevent boredom and mindless eating, which can lead to excess unwanted (and needed) calories! Ask yourself Are You Hungry first, if YES, then PLAN what you will have, and listen to satiety cues and stop when you’re full!

KEEP THE FIBER UP!: If you’re moving less overall due to confined spaces, be sure to get adequate amounts of daily soluable and insoluable fiber to keep the bowels moving while also helping you to feel fuller longer; preventing the late night Netflix munchies.

STAY HYDRATED:  Dehydration can increase levels of stress hormones, something we all don’t need more of right now.   Drink 2-4 L of fluid such as water, carbonated water, tea, coffee, milk, or small amounts of 100% juice.  If your first urine after waking up is the colour of lemonade, you’re doing well.  Limit Alcohol!

REDUCE OVERALL ENERGY INTAKE: Depending on what types of at home training you’re doing, it is most likely that your total volume and intensities will be decreased from normal training loads.   It will be individual but can average a reduction from 500-1000 calories/day, mainly from starchy and simple carbohydrates (Grains and Fruits) and fats. See example below.  TIP: reduce your usual plate/bowl size to reduce overall portions and limit snacking. See Plate model below.

KEEP PROTEIN HIGH!: It is important to continue with your regular protein needs, as this will help to minimize any lean muscle mass loss during reduced strength training. Focus on high quality proteins: Poultry, meat, fish (canned or dried!), eggs, dairy (and lactose free dairy), soy (edamame), and quinoa (good sub when there is no rice!).

CONTINUE WITH YOUR REGULAR NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTATION PROTOCOL: This means if you were taking for ex. iron, Vitamin D, B12 etc. for clinical deficiencies, DON’T FORGET TO CONTINUE THEM!

What a 500-1000 calorie reduction meal for an athlete in isolation may look like:

Original Meal (2900kcal) Meal at -500 kcal
(2400 kcal)
Meal with -1000kcal
(1942 kcal)
1 c (30g) Grains
½ c veggies (5g)
½ c fruit or milk and alternatives (15g)
1 tbsp oil or fat
½ cup grains (15g)
1 c veggies (10g)
½ cup fruit ( 15g) or milk and alternatives
½ tbsp oil and fat
¼  c grains (7.5g)
1 c veggies (10g)
½ c fruit (15) or milk and alternatives (15g)
1 Tsp of oil or fat
2.5 oz chicken, fish, tofu
¾ c Beans, lentils, chickpeas
3-3.5oz chicken, fish, tofu
1.5 c beans, lentils, chickpeas
3-3.5oz chicken, fish, tofu
1.5 c beans, lentils, chickpeas

What you can eat and do to reduce becoming infected with respiratory pathogens like the corona virus: LINK


Who Are You Going To Be? (PDF)

Six Tips for Thriving in Isolation (PDF)

In light of the COVID-19 Crisis, Spartan Athletics is keen to provide resources and support to our Athletes, Coaches, and Staff to ensure we may all navigate this new and unprecedented environment as best we can. Below is a list of counselling and practical links and resources for our mental and emotional well-being.

TWU Wellness Centre
To meet with a professional in the Wellness Centre either in-person or online, please continue to book ONLINE and in-person appointments.

For Mental Health Services call (604) 513-2100 and for Health Services call (604) 513-2024. Wellness Centre hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 12pm | 1pm to 430pm. The Well is temporarily closed.

External Counselling
Spartan Athletics is pleased to announce the partnership with Dr. Jessie Wall, registered Clinical Counsellor.
Dr. Wall is available for telehealth sessions. Her services are covered by most extended healthcare plans (different fees apply for registered clinical counsellor and registered psychologist, but her services can be applied to either).
A discount is available for TWU staff as well as for student-athletes who do not have extended healthcare coverage.
If staff have enquiries or concerns about specific student-athletes, Dr. Wall is available for free confidential phone consultation to assist in connecting with appropriate resources and referrals.
External referrals to other mental health professionals are also available.

For further information please contact Dr. Wall directly by email:
Dr. Jessie Wall, Registered Clinical Counsellor
BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (#10534)
Mental Performance Consultant | Canadian Sport Psychology Association
Altus Psychological Services¦[email protected]
9084 Glover Road, Suite 105, Fort Langley, BC V1M 0E6

Free Counselling:
By BC Government for studentsLINK
BCPA Free Option: LINK

That Discomfort you’re feeling is Grief,” by Scott Berinato. An interview with David Kessler.
Laughter Permitted” w/ Julie Foudy Podcast; Dr. Colleen Hacker on Coronavirus 
On Entering Loneliness,” by Henri Nouwen.