November 18, 2016

$330,000+ net

Thank you for helping us surpass our goal of $275,000 and net over $330,000 this year!

Thanks also to our 2016 Summer Canadian Olympians on our panel:        Michelle Stilwell, Adam Froese, Chaim Schalk and Catharine Pendrel

Special thanks to our Diamond Sponsors!




Complete Champions Corporate Reception” is a community business fundraising event held annually in fall featuring celebrities involved in the world of sport.


Monies and/or attendance are secured through 1) Sponsorship; 2) Table Sales and; 3) Ticket Sales.

They may be purchased on-line HERE under Single Gift (select Amount, Category, and if designating to a team then also select Optional). You may also purchase tickets by contacting the Spartan Foundation or a TWU Spartan Team.

Thanks to our growing community, here is what we have accomplished to date and our guest speakers:

Year 1 – 2009 we made $24,000 net (Rick Hansen)

Year 2 – 2010 we made $45,000 net (Ryan Walter)

Year 3 – 2011 we made $62,000 net (Peter Legge)

Year 4 -  2012 we made $107,000 net (Martin Rennie)

Year 5 – 2013 we made $121,000 net (Jim Zorn)

Year 6 – 2014 we made $145,000 net (Anthony Calvillo)

Year 7 – 2015 we made $231,000 net (Willie Desjardins)

       Year 8 – 2016 we made $330,000 net (2016 Summer Olympians: Michelle Stilwell, Chaim Schalk, Adam Froese, Catharine Pendrel)