“Honored to have served as keynote speaker for the Trinity Western University Spartan Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the Complete Champions Corporate Reception event November 16, 2018. 

 I received an unforgettably warm and enthusiastic reception by the packed house, and it was an extra special evening for me as my brothers Mark and Marty were in attendance and did not heckle me. Props to Steve Scholz, Wanda Dobsin, and their staff and students who were so welcoming and professional from start to finish.

The Complete Champions ApproachTM is a unique and inspiring way to hone the spiritual, academic, emotional, and character fitness of the athletes of Trinity Western. I was privileged to lend support to this initiative, and hope that Trinity Western University can serve as a catalyst for other universities around the globe to invest in our next generation of athletes in this way. The entire world promises to benefit.”

Dr. Murray A. Howe, M.D.



Thanks to a great team effort, in 2018 we raised $502,000+ net!

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Complete Champions Corporate Reception” is a community business fundraising event held annually in fall featuring celebrities involved in the world of sport.


Monies and/or attendance are secured through 1) Sponsorship; 2) Table Sales and; 3) Ticket Sales.

They may be purchased on-line HERE under Single Gift (select Amount, Category, and if designating to a team then also select Optional). You may also purchase tickets by contacting the Spartan Foundation or a TWU Spartan Team.

Thanks to our growing community, here is what we have accomplished to date and our guest speakers:

Year 1 – 2009 we made $24,000 net (Rick Hansen)

Year 2 – 2010 we made $45,000 net (Ryan Walter)

Year 3 – 2011 we made $62,000 net (Peter Legge)

Year 4 -  2012 we made $107,000 net (Martin Rennie)

Year 5 – 2013 we made $121,000 net (Jim Zorn)

Year 6 – 2014 we made $145,000 net (Anthony Calvillo)

Year 7 – 2015 we made $235,000 net (Willie Desjardins)

       Year 8 – 2016 we made $340,000 net (2016 Summer Olympians: Michelle Stilwell, Chaim Schalk, Adam Froese, Catharine Pendrel)

Year 9 – 2017 we made $425,000 net (Neal McDonough)

Year 10 – 2018 we made $502,000 net (Dr. Murray Howe)